Almost half of Ontario homeowners expect their home to fund retirement

  9/27/2017 |   SHARE
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Property Value

A large share of homeowners in Ontario are counting on home values increasing to ensure they have sufficient retirement funds.

The Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) said Tuesday that 37% of homeowners over 45 in the province are expecting to top up their retirement funds through growing home equity, increasing to 45% among pre-retirees aged 45-54.

Many of these pre-retirees have no or low investments and savings.

The larger the mortgage held by pre-retirees, the more likely they are to be relying on increasing home values to fund retirement; 35% of those with no mortgage; 53% of those with a mortgage up to $200K; 57% of those with a mortgage of $200-500K; and 83% of those with a mortgage over $500K. 

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